• Miss Abacar



If time is going to pass and my skin is going to wrinkle like a raisin

If the journey is going to batter my body and scar my skin till its unrecognizable

If freedom will only associate it-self with me after my skin is shared

If you are going to choose to look through me whilst I’m pure

If you only remind yourself of my existence when your needs are selfish

If you are going to overlook my essence in exchange for a holiday away from the habits that chase you

If my silhouette is the burning agonizing tear at the corner of your eye

If my body is the only language that you choose to understand

If my body is the only message that you are willing to receive

If your one on one meeting with my soul still leaves you in doubt

My body seeks peace, and my soul is willing to die for it

Every night I seek to solve its mystery

Every night I seem to curl in misery

My mother always told me that my skin is forged from gold

Carefully woven by the gallant effort of my ancestors hands

Carefully chosen by my maker’s hands

Hopefully spared by the discrimination of your discourse

My soul will not let me rest in fear of those who seek to rob me of my flesh

My soul will not let me breath in fear of those who seek to suffocate my glow

For in the night when the wild beasts run in rage I will run with them

For in the darkest coldest of storms I will endure, enveloped in the crown that is my skin

For when the crackling flames knock at my door in ecstasy I will answer it in tranquility

As I glance over my shoulder and look back at the autumn leaves that have fallen

I can only stride hand in hand with courage

Looking forward to the seasons that are yet to corrode my existence

I will not rest in this peace

I will rise in it

Photography: EDDY HARRIS




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